Premium "enterprise class" hosting on AWS, without needing to waste months building it yourself

Idealstack connects to your own AWS account, then provisions and manages a premium auto-scaling, fault-tolerant, high-availability, highly scalable hosting cluster for almost PHP app.  Simply upload your site to idealstack and you get all of this with no extra effort.

Idealstack works will all common PHP frameworks (eg Laravel, Lumen, Zend, Symfony, CakePHP), apps (eg Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop) and even legacy code.


FREE AWS Hosting Consultation

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Why AWS?

AWS is perfect for premium hosting - only pay for what you need, scale to as big as you want, and access over 100 different AWS web services to make it much quicker to build your app. 

Using autoscaling, you can avoid your website "crashing" when it comes under high load due to your successful marketing efforts - it will simply automatically spread across more servers, which will then be removed when you no longer need them.


Why Idealstack?

AWS is hard!  You need every second of developer time to show up in your website, not months spent trying to wrangle AWS to get it up and running.

With Idealstack - you develop your PHP app just like any PHP developer is used to working - write your code locally, then deploy it over SFTP, over SSH (eg using tools like Capistrano) or using continuous deployment tools like Jenkins or AWS's own CodeBuild.

Idealstack abstracts away a lot of the 'hard problems'  you need to solve for a high performing website, for instance:

  • Devops - we provide pre-configured docker images that do what you need without needing to build it yourself
  • Autoscaling
  • Fault tolerance and high availability
  • Scalability
  • Clustered sessions (using DynamoDB) and file storage (using EFS)
  • Deployment (use SFTP, SSH or any "standard" deployment tool)

All the flexibility of AWS

The beauty of using Idealstack & AWS together is that you have all the power of AWS at your disposal.  So one day, if you need it, you can do things that neither you or we even considered.  No other hosting system out there can match this flexibility.

Here's just a few examples:

  1. Use your client's log data to create metrics, dashboards and alerts with the click of a few buttons using CloudWatch.  You can create metrics around 500 errors, 404 errors, bandwidth consumed per client and many more things we haven't thought of yet
  2. Connect AWS Shield or AWS WAF to provide better security to websites
  3. Connect AWS Cloudfront to provide a CDN
  4. Use ElasticCache to provide Redis or Memcached for caching
  5. Use ElasticSearch to improve your sites search.
  6. Create Alexa skills that interact with your client's websites
  7. Use the AWS API's yourself to enhance the Idealstack system in ways we never imagined

There's many many more, that's the point - you have absolute freedom to develop new services or solve your unique problems, that you can never get on any other type of hosting.

You don't have to retrain your team or rewrite your apps

Unlike most other means of deploying apps on AWS, Idealstack works like a normal PHP hosting console.    If your team are capable of using tools like Cpanel or Plesk, or hosting providers like Godaddy, they're capable of using Idealstack with little or no training.  Idealstack can be a drop-in replacement for your existing systems or can co-exist alongside them, without providing another confusing tool for your team to work with.

Idealstack can run any PHP app, and it works great with Wordpress, Magento, Drupal and other CMS's & Ecommerce platforms, along with frames like Laravel, Zend, Symfony or CakePHP.  It automatically maps many of the complexities of running a modern PHP hosting stack on cluster onto things that older applications can support, for instance automatically using DynamoDB for native PHP sessions, or automatically using SES for local mail transport.